Product Name Viofresh
Product Code VS5212
Usage Fits on can 52 mm
Dimensions Ø 52mm h 46mm
Surface Shiny
Origin Turkey
Minimum Order 70.000 pcs
Please check the following packaging details;
The first calculation based on only Spray Cap with pallet and without pallet versions than you will be finding packaging details contains Valves and Spray Caps loading together.
Loading With Pallets
585*385*415 mm / 700 pcs / Carton
Qty/Pallet: 17.500 pcs  (20 DC Container)
Qty/Pallet: 21.000 pcs  (40 HC Container)
20DC Container: 175.000 pcs  (10 Pallets)
40HC Container: 441.000 pcs (21 Pallets)
Loading Without Pallets
20DC Container: 216.300 pcs
40HC Container: 476.000 pcs
Loading With Aerosol Valve and Vioair Spray Cap
  With Pallet
20 DC set qty
40 HC set qty
  Without Pallet
20 DC set qty            164.090 pcs
40 HC set qty   361.103 pcs
Calculation based on 2200 pcs of each carton for valve and 700 pcs each carton for Viofresh.